NEW Product!!! Chip’ins Popcorn Chips

If you love Popcorn then you WILL love this chip! These are my new favorite healthy food snack !!! It has three things I absolutely love going for it.. 1. It’s healthy for me, 2. It’s a chip and 3. It’s popcorn!! What could be better? Not much.

I really like the fact that it’s gluten-free, all natural, whole grain, and has no trans fat. They come in two flavors: Sea Salt and White Cheddar. It’s healthier than the typical fried chip I use to munch on, so I don’t have to feel guilty if I eat more than one. It’s a great dipping chip, but I have noticed that these chip can be delicate so look for bags that have a lot of air in them to cut down on the “crumb” factor.

Serving: 18 chips, 130 Calories, 4g of Fat,1g of Fiber

For my Points Plus Friends these little beauties are just 3 points.

For my WLS Buddies it’s only 2g of Protein but if you are craving a chip this will hip the spot in a pinch.

So check them out the next time you want a chip. To find a store near you look them up at


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