I’m a Food Junkie and I’m proud of it!!!

Hi everyone!

My name is Dee Dee and like most of you, if you’re on my blog more than likely you are a “Food Junkie” like myself, looking for that next great recipe that will wow your family, friends or simply impress the pants off you. About 7 months ago I had under gone Gastric Bypass Surgery. I was obese by medical standards but in my mind I was just a plus size woman who enjoyed her food. Sure I had been an athlete all my life, so I didn’t fit the stereotype of needing gastric bypass. I walked 5k’s, played on a local competitive volleyball league, exercised weekly and tried to eat semi-healthy foods. Honestly, I thought I was ahead of the game, until I heard got a wake up call from my five-year daughter. I was sitting on the sofa eating some chips and she came up and asked if she could have some. I told her “sure baby, go ahead.” She took a bite and started to do the same little “food” dance I do when something taste really good to me. She then rubbed her belly and said, “I want a big belly like you momma.” Needless to say, I promptly threw the bag of chips away and went for a brisk walk. I simply cried the entire time. I had taught her bad habits and didn’t even realize it.

So I needed to change my life…

I started exercising more and reading labs on food packages like a mad women. I became the food police which was a kill joy for my family. I mean, I was a professional dieter, had been all my life but with a BMI of 40, high blood pressure, diabetes (on insulin shots), high cholesterol; I was a walking time bomb and didn’t even know it. I needed help. So after my husband had Lapband, I had seen the success he’d had and decided to look into it. Well after six months of my PCP monitoring me and meeting with the surgeon we decided that the best route for me would be the gastric bypass. It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I don’t regret anything.

Life after surgery… the real work begins

I still love food, but now I need to change how and what I eat. I have had to change my whole relationship with food. I have lost about sixty pound since my surgery and I want to lose thirty more to be at my goal weight. Some days are better that others but the important thing is that I keep moving forward.

So why this food blog…

Why not? I still love to cook great food and if I can give it a healthier twist so that it’s diet and weight lose surgery friendly with a great flavor. Let’s face it, healthy is great but you still want it to taste good.

On this blog I will do product reviews for the food savvy junkie, recipe reviews from different website I visit, recipes and I will share tips and tricks that help me along the way to help me reach my goal. I’ve just started my journey … and I’d like a few friends along the way.




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